The harvest season has started in Zolotaya dolina

The harvest season has started in Zolotaya dolina

In Zolotaya dolina the harvest season is in its high point.

Alexander Morozov as an agronomist knows everything about vegetables. Frolovs, after all, made a bet on vegetables. His wife, Tatyana, deals with papers.

Tatyana Morozova, head of the farm "Morozova": "We want to buy another potato harvesting, two-row".

Grades choose, lately, yellow. With a thin skin. Work under the order. Although they understand that white potatoes will be stored longer, but yellow is so yellow. Gala - now. And adretta. They harvest it around the clock.

The bus drives people from Frolovka to Partizansk and back. There are not enough workers in a small seaside village.

They themselves are looking for markets. And here is the trend of the time. Harvest from the onion fields of Morozov is already distributed.

Olga Katrenko: "Colorful onions, Dutch varieties -" Red Dynasty "and" Golden Vargas ". The harvest will go straight to Chukotka.”

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