According to Konstantin Shestakov a new bridge will be constructed in Vladivostok

According to Konstantin Shestakov a new bridge will be constructed in Vladivostok

During an Instagram live the mayor of Vladivostok answer questions about the reconstruction of Rudnevsky bridge. 

"This winter, everyone flinched when they saw that the expansion joints had come apart and there was an impressive crack in the roadway. Then we immediately invited bridge experts and builders, who evaluated and concluded that the asphalt coating ruptured due to cold temperatures, but it does not affect the entire structure. That is, the bridge can still serve normally. But it is necessary to go on the way of complex solution of the problem, namely the construction of a new crossing, - noted Konstantin Shestakov. - We have already conducted geodetic tests, they are ready. By the end of the year a project should appear. And then it will become clear how we will solve the problem, for what means will be used for the construction of a parallel bridge. It can be funds raised by concession or within the framework of public-private partnership, or all at the expense of the municipal funds. When we see the final cost, we will understand. This is a serious project; therefore it would be a priority for us to attract private investments. But I emphasize that we are not talking about the reconstruction, but about the appearance of the new Rudnevsky bridge".

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