Basejumpers from Vladivostok jumped from 565-metre-high bridge in China

Basejumpers from Vladivostok jumped from 565-metre-high bridge in China

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The highest cable-stayed bridge in the world was conquered by basejumpers from Vladivostok, known as Vados and Pashtet. Recently they have visited China and made several jumps from 565-metre-high Beipanjiang bridge.

Basejumpers Vados and Pashtet were the first sportsmen to conquer 496-metre-high Siduhe River Bridge (China, Hubei), that time it was the highest suspension bridge in the world. Previous three weeks basejumpers have spent in China and managed to visit many places and conquer a few new heights: Beipanjiang bridge, Qingshui River Bridge (405 meters) and 270-meter-high and 335-meter-high skyscrapers. Vados made his jumps from the bridges dressed in wingsuit.

According to Vados’ words, basejumpers are not hurrying to China, because of the language barrier. He and Pashtet were the first to search for suitable heights in China.           

This time was not the first time Vados and Pashtet have jumped together. The team has already conquered the Avatar Mountain (China, Hunan), the biggest outdoor elevator in the world - 360-meter-high Bailong Elevator and Aizhai Bridge (350 meters). Vados has already made more than 200 basejumps in total.


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