Paw size, sex and age: tiger registration will take place in Primorye

Paw size, sex and age: tiger registration will take place in Primorye

Seasonal inventory of tigers has started in Primorye. Hunting inspectors all over the region received special diaries, where they fill in information about each tiger living in their area. This is a preparatory stage before a special registration, that will take place after the end of the year. Scientists will get new data on the population of the red-listed predator. 

Each trail of a striped predator is studied. Paw size, sex, age, and coordinates are written down. The Anuchinsky district is one of the most « tiger » ones. In December, three kittens came onto the road here at once. Hunting control inspectors scared the cubs away from the road and stayed to protect them from poachers.

Each year there are more and more tigers in Primorye’s taiga. Experts are now preparing for a complete tiger census that will be held for the first time since 2015. In late January-early February, after the snowfall, a one-time census of striped cats will take place across the entire Russian Far East. Russia will present new population during The Tiger Summit.


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