"Education in Primorsky region: Growth points"

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Topic: Advanced educational technologies of teachers of Primorsky region.

The challenge of modern times forces us to respond to it by modernization of school education.

Within the framework of the federal program of the development of education for the 2016-2020 years, new goals have been developed for the Russian educational system. At present, according to the federal state educational standards, schools have the right to form their own academic programme. Even parents can participate in this process.

The state educational standard exists from Soviet Union times. Teachers, whose working experience is amounted in decades, have already experienced several educational reforms.

Nadezhda Zadvornaya, a teacher of physics and mathematics in Vladivostok # 72 school.

“For 40 years of work as a teacher of mathematics, I have to completely rebuild the teaching method for the third time. I started to work on September 1, 1976, we taught children the content of the subject. We explained the theorem, explained the formulas, taught children to calculate. Then it was necessary to cardinally change the system. Just teaching children was not enough. In the beginning of the 90s it was necessary to reorganize, a new concept of education was adopted and teachers no longer taught the subject, but taught children to be able to acquire knowledge of the subject on their own. The main aspect was that teacher should teach the child to get knowledge by using tables and graphs, must teach them how to read graphics and get information. And now even this is not enough. Now we do not teach children the subject and do not teach them any skills, but form their brain, their ability to think”.

You have to think through each stage of the lesson, so that children themselves can come to conclusion. Now teachers don’t even point out the topic of the lesson, but make children to guess it themselves.  

The authoritarian style of communication between the student and the teacher comes to the past. Now the task of the teacher is to help in mastering new knowledge and to guide the educational process.

The new standard involves the implementation of both curricular and extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities include: excursions, educational clubs, specialized sports club, round-table conferences, competitions and so on. 

Olga Kotikova, English Language Teacher of Vladivostok # 72 School

“After lunch, I hold extracurricular activity- my students study English by acting in a play. It’s like a drama club and all the plays are being performed in English. This helps children to develop creative abilities, and also to overcome the language barrier, get acquainted with new words”.

Teachers of all schools of Primorsky region use modern teaching methods.

Special attention is being paid to pre-school education. Main task is to ensure that the kindergarteners do not experience great difficulties when transferring to a new level of education. That is why, excursions to schools and lessons in a playing form are being organized for kindergartners.

Reform of the methodology of education is made to ensure the transition from the system of mass education to the individuate education. Now the advanced educational technologies are aimed precisely at the personal success of each of the students.

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