The First Pacific Mathematical School was opened in Vladivostok

The First Pacific Mathematical School was opened in Vladivostok

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The first Pacific Mathematical School was opened on the basis of the University, located on Russian island of Vladivostok. This school has gathered all the best schoolchildren and their teachers.

65 high school seniors - winners of regional math skills competitions became students of the First Pacific Mathematical School.

Ilya Kovalev, vice-governor of Primorsky region: "You are students of the first mathematical school, which should change our education system, make it more competitive."

Professors and academicians will give lectures to the young mathematicians for the whole week.

The Federal University has gathered schoolchildren from 17 cities and villages. However, not only schoolchildren, but also their teachers have been listening to the lectures. Even Vladivostok teachers said that there are things they can learn.

Irina Lysenko, Vladivostok city Gifted Children School teacher of mathematics: "For example, the tasks from the last part of Unified State Exam require deepen knowledge of math. I would like to get this knowledge myself, to be able to teach children".

The first students of the Mathematical School not only listen to lectures and master classes. They will also visit cinemas and see films about famous scientists, will play intellectual game.  Of course, all the questions in this game will be related to the mathematics.


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