Vladivostok under natural cataclysm

Vladivostok under natural cataclysm

Today’s morning was not easy for Primorye’s citizens. The weather started to worsen the night before. It was raining and the rain turned into snow and ice. In several hours the streets of Primorye’s towns as well as trees, wires and road signs, were covered in ice.

Three years ago the city was in the same situation - heavy snowfall stop Vladivostok from functioning. This year frozen rain turned the city roads into skating rinks. The weather forecasts turned out to be 100% true. 

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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  • Harley / 2020年11月21日 15:20

    you knew all this 100 years ago but the stupid government provides no aid for citizens, social security, medical and unemployment benefits do no exist. I know as my family lives there, they are a nation of genuine people tuned into ignorant fools by communism.
    вы знали все это 100 лет назад, но глупое правительство не оказывает помощи гражданам, социального обеспечения, медицинских пособий и пособий по безработице не существует. Я знаю, что моя семья живет там, это нация настоящих людей, настроенных коммунизмом на невежественных дураков.

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