“The Firebird” made by Vladivostok students has got the highest prize at the International Snow Sculpture Competition

“The Firebird” made by Vladivostok students has got the highest prize at the International Snow Sculpture Competition

Photo source: FEFU Press Service

Young designers and architects of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU ) won in the IX International Annual Snow Sculpture Competition in Harbin (China). Three-meter-tall, created by students of FEFU "Firebird" was recognized as the best among the figures created by 55 teams from around the world. It is reported by "News of Primorsky region" with reference to the press service of the Far Eastern Federal University.

Team of Far Eastern Federal University have been competing with the craftsman from USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, European countries. Russia and Far Eastern Federal University have been represented by Alexander Rybak, Pavel  Kolobov, Egor Shestatsky, Ivan Sukhanov, Antonina Galinskaya, Alexander Chernykh and Daria Klyuchnikova – they are studying in the School of Engineering on "Design of architectural environment” specialization. It took them a few months to prepare for the festival – at first they developed the design and layout of future snow "Firebird" and the figure itself has been created within a few days.

"This year's competition was very difficult. It was attended by more than fifty teams and all of them are very strong contenders. In addition, it was really cold in Harbin and some of the participants were not able to get to the finals because of the cold. "- said Alexander Rybak.

Students of FEFU participate in this competition since 2012. Traditionally they chose characters of Russian folklore in their works, at different times they have created fairytale creek named Lukomorye, Dragon Gorynych and Russian bears. As acknowledged by the authors, "The Firebird" has become the most difficult sculpture in their practice, because it required lots of work on fine details.

It worth noting, that Harbin is famous for its International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, which is being carried out by the Ministry of Education of China and the Polytechnic University of Harbin. Every year thousands of tourists from around the world come to the Festival to admire works of art.

News source: FEFU Press Service

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