210-metre-high skyscraper will be built in Far East of Russia.

210-metre-high skyscraper will be built in Far East of Russia.

Photo source: vestiprim.ru

According to the information from vestidv.ru. web-site, construction of the highest building in the Far East and Siberia of Russia has started in Khabarovsk.

Geological surveys are being cared out now. First obtained samples show that subsoil is solid rock. For engineers, it is important that it will still be same solid rock at the deeper levels.

Geologist, Andrew Kamyshenko say: "If there is subsoil water, then specific technology should be used, in this case the understructure has to be special, because it requires to retract the water."

It is planned to make a monolithic raft foundation, without use of piles. Geological surveys will be finished within four month, after that other specialists will start working together with geologists.

According to the investors’ plan, "Diamond of the first water" skyscraper will be 210 meters high. Thus, it will become the highest building in the Far East and Siberia. Parking and transport tunnel will be accommodated on the six underground floors. "Raddison blu" hotel, offices of different companies, restaurants and spa-centers will be located on the upper floors.

For comparison, according to the vl.aif.ru site, one of the buildings of “Aquamarine” residential complex is potentially the highest building in Vladivostok. At present, this residential complex is still being built.  “Aquamarine” residential complex will include a few 160 metre-high-36-floors-buildings and one 203-metre-high-52-floors building. Now television tower is the highest construction in Vladivostok city, its height is 199 meters.

News source: http://vestiprim.ru/2016/11/08/na-dalnem-vostoke-postroyat-neboskreb-vysotoy-210-metrovvideo.html#

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