Children’s center «Ocean» gathered children from 53 subjects of Russia together

Children’s center «Ocean» gathered children from 53 subjects of Russia together

The second summer term has started in «Ocean». Children from 53 regions of Russia came to Vladivostok to have a good time. 

This year, there are a lot of different programs in the center. For example, «Fabric of kindness», where kids will have an opportunity to work in teams and help others. 

8 thematic programs aim to help kids fulfil their own projects. «World of discoveries» gives children a chance to meet travellers, scientists, ecologists and learn the history of geography of the Far East. 

«Young investigator» gathered more than 50 participants from all over the country this year. Children are being taught about criminal science and how to look for evidence. 

As for art lovers, there is «Art village». During this program, children can fulfil their creative potential. 

Another program of the summer term is «Sea start». Participant will construct a rocket themselves and launch it in the end of the term, but not from the land but from the sea.

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