«A hectare of a dream»: Primorye resident got a land property in a unique place

«A hectare of a dream»: Primorye resident got a land property in a unique place

Khasan area resident got a «Far Eastern hectare» to develop ecotourism. He is creating a unique tourist zone in the southernmost point of the region - «the region of three borders». 

Andrei Barsukov managed to get a hectare it the southernmost point of the region. There is everything there: beautiful nature,  sanctuary sea, rich history of Khasan and unique neighbours - it is possible to see a Chinese tower and North Korean hills. This is why it is called «the region of three borders». 

The constructions started in April. The guest houses were finished some days ago. There is heating there, so houses can accommodate guests all year around. 

Everything on this land is planned. The owner wants to build a sports ground as well as a huge parking. 

Andrei Barsukov is a participant of the program for more than a year now. He is one of those who actually work on their land. As for today, almost 1500 participants got their land properties. This is a record number for the region.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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