Vladivostok start campaign against illegal street advertising

Vladivostok start campaign against illegal street advertising

Vladivostok continues campaign against illegal street advertising. The head of the Far Eastern capital, Oleg Gumenyuk, checked how the city streets are cleared from self-imposed structures.

In the center of attention are the main city streets, which in March the head of Vladivostok ordered to clear from illegal advertising. Despite the fact that hundreds of advertising have been already cleaned, there are still several signs on the facades of houses, spoiling the architecture. Oleg Gumenyuk said that everyone who establishes illegal advertisingshould be brought to administrative responsibility.

On the prospect "100 years of Vladivostok" there a many advertising signs on the apartment buildings facades. Thus, unscrupulous management companies decided illegally earn money by placing advertisements contrary to the improvement rules. But such objects should correspond to the architectural appearance of Vladivostok and not spoil its appearance.

Meanwhile, in Vladivostok daily cleaned hundreds of posters, advertising signs, large advertising posts. At the same time administration do explanatory work with business and legal entities. And the results of such work are already noticeable: the Far Eastern capital becoming more and more beautiful and clean!

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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