The first operation on a working heart this year was carried out in Primorye

The first operation on a working heart this year was carried out in Primorye

The first high-tech operation this year to implant a valve in the heart without a chest incision was performed by doctors of the regional clinical hospital №1. The peculiarity of this surgery is that it is performed on a working heart and without stopping blood circulation. And the operation, and supplies for the patient free. About it reports "News: Primorye" with reference to the press service of the regional administration.

According to the chief doctor of the regional clinical hospital Andrey Popov, the operation was successful, the patient feels well and this week will be discharged.

"Our specialists have been performing operations on new techniques developed by Russian engineers and cardiologists for the second year. Last year, the first four operations were successfully performed," the chief physician said.

The uniqueness of the technique is also in the fact that it is carried out without cutting the patient's chest. The aortic valve is implanted directly into the working heart. The operation lasts a little more than an hour, instead of eight traditional.

The procedure was simplified so much that the next day after the operation the patient returns to his normal rhythm of life.

"In our case, the patient had several comorbidities. Therefore, he remains under the supervision of doctors for some time," – said the cardiovascular surgeon, a specialist in x-ray endovascular diagnosis and treatment of clinical hospital №1 Nikita Grachev.

He notes that the main patients for such operations are elderly people over 80 years old, patients with concomitant diseases. Before the operation, these people experience severe shortness of breath, they are limited in physical activity, and after the operation can breathe deeply.

"Conventional abdominal surgery is not an option for them, the body can not withstand. In most cases, the only solution for them is to implant valves without wide access, without artificial blood circulation. And most importantly – it will improve the quality and duration of their lives," – said the doctor, adding that operate only experienced surgeons.

Experts emphasize that now such operations are available to all those in need.

This year alone, the Primorsky regional clinical hospital No. 1 is planned to perform 1794 cases of high-tech medical care (VMP) in different medical profiles within the framework of the basic program of state guarantees. The number of volumes of cardiovascular surgery, as in previous years, is in the first place. In addition, 77 cases are provided for the provision of VMP, not part of the CHI program, at the expense of regional and Federal subsidies. Also in 2019 there were new types of high-tech medical care – in areas such as orthopedics and cardiovascular surgery.

"There was a hospital №1 and a new type of high-tech operations for patients with a diagnosis of "stable angina". Previously, assistance to such patients was provided at the expense of regional and Federal subsidies that are not included in the basic program of compulsory health insurance," the Department noted.

Note that only for cardiovascular surgery the total amount of high-tech medical care for CHI in the regional clinical hospital №1 this year will be 1305 cases.

The fight against cardiovascular diseases is one of the six regional projects of the national project "Health". For these purposes, Primorye allocated 647.18 million rubles from the Federal budget. In 2019, the region will receive the first funds – 213.68 million rubles for equipping regional vascular centers and primary vascular departments.

In total, by 2024, 12 primary vascular departments in the neurological and seven in the cardiological profile, including equipment for early medical rehabilitation, will be re-equipped in Primorye.

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