A unique neurosurgical operation held in Vladivostok

A unique neurosurgical operation held in Vladivostok

The first difficult operation to introduce an implant in the brain to those suffering from Parkinson’s disease was carried out in Vladivostok. Today, patients of neurosurgeons of the first regional clinical hospital first met with journalists.

This lecture for first year residents, Professor Pavel Kalinsky, deliberately planned in the center of extrapyramidal disorders. He speaks about unique experience.

And these people will be included in the medical history of Primorye, as the first to believe in technologies capable of stopping a previously incurable disease. Here is a patient, Lyudmila Muraya, before the operation. Took known drugs, but enough of this treatment for a while. The condition worsened. And she, but a month later.

With the help of a special apparatus, the doctor corrects the parameters of the generator, introduced during the operation into the muscle tissue. Then patients will be able to control the head implant independently. There are fears, but doctors are ready to help at any moment.

Disease is hard. During a conversation with a journalist, Konstantin is worried, asks the operator to choose an angle more interesting. But he keeps himself in hand, there is no usual tremor, it means that things are getting better.

Saying goodbye, the patient shows another result. Now he can go very quickly. Meanwhile, another three people are preparing for the next, already November, manipulation in the First Regional Clinical Hospital

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