New medical equipment was delivered to the children's polyclinic of Nakhodka. A Video Clip Of Andrew's Brain

New medical equipment was delivered to the children's polyclinic of Nakhodka. A Video Clip Of Andrew's Brain


New medical equipment was delivered to the children's polyclinic of Nakhodka. Modern medical equipment is already installed and working in full force. Now there is no need for young patients to go to Vladivostok to medical centers, new medical devices allow to treat and diagnose the condition of the child on the spot.

Today, the ENT doctor's office in the children's polyclinic №2 in Nakhodka is spacious and bright, it helps the doctor and the little patient to communicate in comfortable conditions. As noted by Tatyana Savchenko — doctor otolaryngologist, new Morowski processor is not diagnostic equipment, is it really a workplace. The procedures are calm.

Tatyana Savchenko, otolaryngologist of children's polyclinic of Nakhodka city hospital: "And You know, children somehow ceased to be afraid. We used to have such a couch, where we laid, head thrown back. Now this is a very nice chair. And I think the atmosphere in our office is calm and in General the children react adequately, calmly. Of course, all this is individual. Work became more pleasant, more comfortable. When the equipment is good and the mood is better."

The new equipment was appreciated not only by doctors, but also by parents of young patients. Julia Yuditskaya from the village of Vladimir-Alexander now does not need to take her child to the procedures for 200 kilometers to the far Eastern capital. Here, in Nakhodka, her daughter received expert help.

Julia Yuditskaya, inhabitant of the village of Vladimiro-Aleksandrovskoye of the Partyzanski district: "You know, took great. We are very pleased that we got here. We arrived with acute pain, we understood, we were listened to and helped us. We are very glad that we were here."

Ultrasound diagnostics room. Here young patients meets Elena Yugay. In addition to being an ultrasound doctor, she is also a heart doctor. The new device allows her to see the little heart in full, the old device could not, and the children had to be sent to Vladivostok. This is very pleased parents and the heart doctor.

Elena Yugay, ultrasound doctor, pediatric cardiologist of children's polyclinic of Nakhodka city hospital: "We began to send less children to Vladivostok to the center of "protection of motherhood and childhood", where our hearts are watched. It is for the heart. Everything else is also quite well diagnosed. Because the best visualization, visualization of the kidneys. There are a lot of programs in this device for children".

Anastasia bratukhina, resident of Nakhodka: "we Have a good, positive impression. We liked everything very much. Everything was fast, convenient, comfortable and affordable."

The delivery of equipment became possible thanks to the regional project "Program of development of children's health of Primorsky Krai, including the creation of modern infrastructure for the provision of medical care to children."

Larisa Ponomareva, acting Deputy chief physician of Nakhodka city hospital for obstetrics and childhood: "the Program is implemented, the program is very good. At the end of last year we received the equipment according to this target program. We got the ENT chair ENT Cabinet, rinofaringita. They also received a defibrillator for emergency care for children, an ultrasound machine, and laboratory equipment."

Now the doctors of the children's polyclinic of Nakhodka are waiting for the arrival of new modern x-ray and ophthalmological equipment, which will arrive this year. Detect and diagnose diseases of young patients, thanks to him, will be much better and allow this digital image.

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