Federal state budget institution of science “Mountain-Taiga Station named after V.L. Komarov” of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian academy of sciences.

Federal state budget institution of science “Mountain-Taiga Station named after V.L. Komarov” of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian academy of sciences.

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Today we will introduce state budget institution of science “Mountain-Taiga Station named after V.L. Komarov”. It is a fairy-tale-ish full of mystery area of Primorsky Region.


Thousands of exotic flora specimens were born or have been planted and took roots here. All the specimens grow under constant supervision of scientists. Scientists made lots scientific works basing on their local research. There are legends about richest medical resources of Taiga area of Primorsky region. We will introduce some remarkable achievements of specialists of Mountain-Taiga station.


Mountain-Taiga Station is specializes in dendrology and medicinal plants.

Here they keep gene resources of local plants and plants, that once were delivered to the Primorsky region. Considering worsening ecological situation, these gene resources might be used as donor material for reproduction of not just some species, but of phytocoenosis as whole.


Scientists are trying to not just replant trees, but also to save their reproductive capability. For example, American species are being researched here for more than 20 years.


“Mountain-Taiga Station named after V.L. Komarov” is now busy with arrangement of dendrology laboratory under the open sky.


Scientists really like Tree nursery and decorate it with adornment plants. Sometimes tour groups visit the“Mountain-Taiga Station” and get an opportunity to see the multiplicity of local plants.

Main task of scientists of “Mountain-Taiga Station” is to research the amount of active biological substances in plants and try to find principles of allotment of active biological substances in plants. For example, specialists here research and get extract of Liquorice. Liquorice is the most useful plant, that can be used as immune system stimulant. That is why it deserves specialists’ attention and research.


We can also see Bergenia root extract, according to the primary local research results, Bergenia has antitumor effect, probably it’s time to get invention patent.

Macchia is also very beneficent plant. It’s is being researched by specialists of Mountain-Taiga Station together with specialists of Far Eastern Biological Chemistry Institute. These specialists already found way to get medications of Macchia to treat the consequents of blood- stroke and heart attack. Now they are doing some finishing work that is being kept secret.


Besides multiples of plans it is also possible to see here plantation of mushrooms.


It is a well-known fact that plants of Primorsky region are rich with biologically active substances. Mushrooms are being actively used in Chinese traditional medicine, but not in our medicine. That is why our task is to research them. 


According to Eastern philosophy, the most suitable living places are defined according to the following parameters: clean air, clean land, clear water, warm climate and a small number of people. All these parameters are gathered in Mountain-Taiga area.

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