The program "I have the right". Subject: The mechanism of the Commissioner for the Protection the rights of businessmen system in the Primorsky Region

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Hello. On the air is special TV project GTRK Vladivostok program "I have the right." On the air is Anastasia Zemlyanskaya today, we will tell about the mechanism of the Commissioner for the Protection the rights of businessmen system in the Primorsky region.

Personal reception of the businessmen in the framework of the Community Liaison Office of the Commissioner of the Russian Federation President to protect the rights of entrepreneurs - one of the main areas of work of the Marina Shemilina.

Directly learn about the help, personally explain the law in relations with the authorities, tell - what to do in a difficult situation is the main task of personal receptions official to protect the rights of entrepreneurs.

The Commissioner asked the businessman on the prolongation of the land lease contract. Marina Shemilina informed the applicant of the new order of sections, and noted that changes in land legislation norms exclude the extension of the lease.

According to the Commissioner for the Protection of the rights of businessmen in the Primorsky region, the adoption of new laws the rights and interests of existing business must not be transgressed, as they began to work in a different environment and the existing lease agreement for many of them promised a preferential right to enter into an agreement for a new term. These Terms and Conditions should be considered in business planning.

Regional Institute of Ombudsman to protect the rights of entrepreneurs in the Primorsky region for three years running. The main task - to provide a comfortable business climate and to build an effective, open dialogue between business and government.


Shemilina: "The situation has changed, I want to say that the number of complaints comes from year to year growth of 20 percent. This year, I associate it with a rather challenging year with difficult economic situation, I have this year for the first quarter of 2016 the number of calls in the country with the same period in 2015 increased by 70 percent. I think that there are several components that the first - Institute operates three years, probably have most of the entrepreneurs are aware of it, and probably can be hoped that the institution decides, and the third, of course, the unstable economic situation. "

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