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The program
Moderator: Hello! It is a special program project called "I Have the Right". On the air is Tatiana Berezhnaya and the guest of our today's program Anna Viktorovna Lichkovaha, Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Primorye Region. Hello!
Anna Lichkovaha: Hello!
Moderator: I would like to start our conversation, especially in the eve of the World Children's Day and to speak with you about the real protection of children. I know that you really are strong advocate of prevention, can you tell what measures are taken exactly by your Office of the Commissioner for prevent the destruction of the family.
Anna Lichkovaha:
As for the commissioner for children's rights is important for me, for example, that demands of the 120th federal law are exactly fulfilled, which relates to operation of the whole system of prevention. It is important that all the system establishment agencies not only in its intradepartmental directions develop some activities and worked with the family but their work is really systemic, comprehensive and integrated.
And with the competent coordinating role of the Commission on Minors. We work very closely with prosecutors, which is within its law oversees the workings of the whole system of prevention subjects. Some system error was found. And with such careful attention of the Prosecution Service, who is also interested in this system, the work is better.
We, together with Primorye boundary commission on juvenile affairs and protection of their rights, with the active participation of the Department of Education and Science of the Primorye Territory will organize practical seminars in the regional commissions for minors and the protection and rights.
Moderator: Is it for social workers?
Lichkovaha Anna: No, not the Commission. It is open for the all subjects of prevention systems that work in a particular area of the municipality. We also attract the surrounding area and the Commission. Typically, it is 3, 4 and sometimes 5 commissions. We have the whole program of studies.
We are playing the specific situation, we look what solution they offer, analyze, identify errors, and discuss them with the sight to a particular territory and, in principle, I see a certain result is, the work on specific issues is becoming more sensible, systematic, and people really understand, sometimes you need to look at his friend left and right, because the question of addressing child distress can not solve any by one organ.
As a rule we are still making such activities, organizing of regional, bush meetings of different subjects. Last year, for example, we just did discuss the issue of protection of children from violence, and this year we have several meetings were devoted to the prevention of extremism in the youth environment.
This is a question for today is really serious, because those who recruit in extremist organizations, they are skillfully enough, use all kinds of technology, methods and web resources. And when we meet with the parents, we explain to them how they can in this situation to help your child not to be drawn into such extremist activities.

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