"I have the right" program. Sergey Zemlyansky Report on the Protection of the rights to education of students of the of the Ussuriysk city Primorye Agricultural Academy economic Institute

The sharp conflict, which in the end of May shook the walls of the Primorye Agricultural Academy seem to manage to resolve. On the eve of state examinations to graduates of economic specialties reported that due to the lack of accreditation, they will not be able to receive state diplomas. More than a week lasted hearing this story.
Noisy meeting of students and their parents, instead of silence examinations and offsets. The Agricultural Academy Ussuriysk anxiety - what to do when the five years of study propalcheny money, and on the eve of release of the news - at no ability to make some specialty accreditation. It is was a shock also for the management of the institution - one pre-university did not warn about this turn of events. But this story is not only graduates, but also to all the students of the Institute of Economics were involved - from the 1 st to 4 th year
Evgenia Panasenko, senior assistant prosecutor of the city of Ussuriysk, "Office of Public Prosecutor the edge is checked for violation of students' rights.
During the preliminary proceedings it turned out - it all happened because of the banal sloppiness Rosobrnadzor officials, who simply did not report in Ussuriisk on the decision not to renew the accreditation of the unfortunate specialties. All parts of this neglect is not just to work but to the fate of people will now find out the Commissioner for Human Rights in Primorye.
Valery Rozov, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Primorye, "I will gather all the documents and will understand".
Through the intervention of anyone who provides the right to education in the Primorye Territory, the situation is resolved as follows. The graduates will pass the exams of the State Commission of the Kemerovo Agricultural Academy, which specifically come to Ussuriisk. Diplomas will receive. Students of 1-4 courses offered to continue their education in five high schools in Siberia and the Far East to choose from - Irkutsk, Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Ussuriisk. Commissioner for Human Rights in the Primorsky region on the basis of the sad experience of the closing of the branch in the Far Eastern Federal University Artyom and similar situations in other universities of Primorye, intends to achieve its introduction of amendments to the federal law on education, which is now considered in the State Duma.
Valery Rozov, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Primorye Territory, "A student begin to study in the 1st of September , and no one has the right to change the form of education and payment."

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