Open doors in adult life: the University invited to campus for future students

Open doors in adult life: the University invited to campus for future students

The far Eastern Federal University held an open day on January 26. For future students and their parents, the University opened its doors, showed a bright show and told how to enter the budget. At the open day at the University was attended by journalists of news Agency PrimaMedia, how and what University he surprised students read the material.

About five thousand schoolchildren and their parents took part in the open day, volunteers were waiting for them at the entrance, who helped the "newcomers" to Orient themselves in the huge FEFU campus. In order to make it easier for prospective students to understand how to act during the admission campaign, the University published a brochure with detailed step-by-step instructions. The holiday for schoolchildren began in the main building of the campus, famous politicians of Primorsky Krai greeted the students from the stage in a building.

Today, the University is a fundamental institution, which provides a basic University education, where science, learning and practice in an integrated process. Here you can get any specialty that you are interested in. In FEFU, not only the educational process is well established, but it is also a place where international political and cultural events are held. The President of our country and the leaders of other States, mainly the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, have repeatedly visited the University," Chairman of the legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai Alexander Roller said from the stage.

The students were also addressed by the Vice-Governor of Primorsky Krai for culture and education Konstantin Mezhonov, he noted that now the region has a policy of raising the prestige of the professions of teacher and doctor. To do this, these specialists are entitled to special benefits and additional surcharges to the salary.

Konstantin Mezhonov
Konstantin Mezhonov. Photo: Zhanna Belyaeva, IA PrimaMedia

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