The story of captured Soviet tanker, who challenged German ASU, conquered the region. Video Report Of Olga Artemova

The story of captured Soviet tanker, who challenged German ASU, conquered the region. Video Report Of Olga Artemova

Blockbuster "T-34" in Vladivostok continues to collect full rooms. We have already talked about how quickly this picture from the Director and screenwriter of "Brigade" and "shadow Fight" found its audience. But Olga Artemova talked with the Lieutenant Colonel of the reserve and learned his opinion about the history of the legendary "thirty four".

Sergey Kalashnikov since childhood dreamed of being a military man, after the 8th grade he entered the Suvorov military school. In 1972, the direction, went to tank school. Four years later, he began his service in the marine corps, in tank troops. Of the military machine knows firsthand. I came to the cinema in great anticipation.

The plot is based on the real story of the tankman Lyubushkin, according to the film — he Ivushkin. In October 1941 the last student joins the battle against a tank ACE Yeager. To believe in luck and break nine German tanks not be easy. Even harder to implement. The fate of everyone in the war is unpredictable. One is presented with sincere love, which overshadows all fears and fears, the other gives the will to win, which forces us to move forward. 1944... On the tank range captive Ivushkin conceives escape and challenges Yager.

Sergei Kalashnikov, Lieutenant Colonel, tankman, restorer: "the German gave his hand when he died already, fell from the tank, from the bridge, gave his hand, that is, the handshake of the enemy defeated the winner. Which is quite natural in combat, when there are aces. The technique was picked up real, the artists played 100%."

The film is recommended for viewers 12 and up. The emotional picture is both an occasion to reflect, and to learn more about events of the great Patriotic war. And older viewers-a way to return to his youth.

Sergey Kalashnikov, tankman, restorer: "Do not be afraid to go to the army, a purely male profession, to test yourself — for the younger generation. For the elderly and middle age to remember his youth, who had to serve in the tank forces, who had to deal with such actions of tankers.

The film shows a real t-34 tank, shot down during the war. The car to the beginning of the film fully restored. But not only this feature of the new tape. However, details are better to see myself sitting in the auditorium. And there is still such a possibility. The film in posters cinemas until the end of January.

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