American Sherman will be held in the parade on May 9 in Vladivostok.

American Sherman will be held in the parade on May 9 in Vladivostok.

"Resurrect" drowned decided in Primorye. Specialists of the military reserve base of armored vehicles are now restoring the American tank Sherman, raised from the bottom of the Barents Sea. In the salt water, he lay for more than half a century. But our talented mechanics intend to force him to pass already on the parade on the ninth of May. Although before that they did not have to work with foreign equipment.

Here it is - a guest from the depths. Experts do not hide - the patient is complex, but interesting. "Sherman" or M-4 is the most massive American tank of the Second World War. Military historians often compare it with the legendary Soviet T-34. Here and local mechanics were able to compare two combat vehicles.

Oleg Redko, commander of the repair and recovery platoon of the central reserve base for armored vehicles: "The T-34 armor is thicker, and the gearbox is easy to get, and then you have to suffer, so it was crammed, we do not even know how to get it."

This "Sherman" is one of those that the divers of the Northern Fleet rescue team raised from the bottom of the Barents Sea from the side of the sunken transport "Thomas Donaldson", which was torpedoed by a German submarine in 1945. Then the crew of the ship managed to escape, and the whole cargo - airplanes, locomotive, tanks and other equipment - went to the bottom.

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