50 seals will be removed from Primorye to China

50 seals will be removed from Primorye to China

The Veterinary Department of Primorsky Region issued permits for the company Primorsky Dolphinarium to export 50 seals to Chinese Tianjin for the purpose of “maintenance”.

The non-profit organization Friends of the Ocean received information that the seaside veterinary service has agreed to issue export permits for the export of 50 seals from Russia.

The exporter is LLC Primorsky Dolphinarium.

Animals under three permits from the Russian Federation must be brought to China for Tianjin Polar Tourism Co., Ltd with the purpose of "maintenance".

In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the extraction of living marine mammals is possible only for research, educational and cultural and educational purposes.

The extraction of aquatic biological resources for the purpose of "maintenance" in zoos, aquariums and other cultural organizations is carried out only for cultural and educational purposes. However, the use of aquatic biological resources, obtained for cultural and educational purposes, has the right only to a person who has been granted the right to extract (catch) such aquatic biological resources, and only using property located in the territory of the Russian Federation. The right to use aquatic bioresources obtained for cultural and educational purposes is not provided by law to other persons.

Environmentalists intend to apply to the supervisory authorities with a request to verify the legitimacy of the issuance of permits.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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