How did Primorye meet the new 2019 year?

How did Primorye meet the new 2019 year?

Primorye celebrated the New Year. In accordance with the eastern calendar of our neighbors, the 2019th is the year of the yellow earthen pig. But she will enter her rights only on the night of the second new moon, after the winter solstice. To be precise, this will happen on February 5 at 10.21 Vladivostok time. How the dogs spent the year and what they expected from the mistress of the coming year, the residents and guests of the seaside capital told our film crew about this.

A whole column of field kitchens lined up on the central square of Vladivostok. A fragrant smoke invited everyone who came to the square to warm up and eat naval porridge. On the other hand - the bright lights of the new year town. Here and a festive fair with souvenirs, and an ice rink around the Christmas tree.

Father Frost and Snow Maiden, though plastic, but directly glow with happiness with all the colors of the rainbow. That night they caused a stir among the numerous guests from the countries of Central Asia.

- Isn't it cold for Alik from Uzbekistan in Vladivostok?

Alik Anzhan, a resident of Uzbekistan: “No, it's ok! Three years ago I came to Vladivostok, it’s nice and beautiful here! ”

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