"New year's tales" on the main square of Vladivostok meet walking late

The festival-fair "Christmas tales" in the Central square of Vladivostok continues and with the onset of darkness – you can walk around the festive town and buy treats and Souvenirs up to 22 hours. Photographer IA PrimaMedia visited the fair in the evening to see the illumination in all its glory.

It should be noted that the city hall for the first time uses the format of the European Christmas fair for the organization of new year celebrations on the square, involving a specialized Agency. According to the Deputy head of the city Igor Tkachenko, if the citizens and guests of Vladivostok like it, such fairs will be held on the square in the future. The current fair will be open until January 7.

Recall that this year in Vladivostok, the festive decoration is concentrated not only on the square, but also in the area of The sports embankment. There is an led fountain and the same arch with the numbers "2019". The Christmas tree was decided to leave the traditional place.

News source: https://primamedia.ru/news/772776/

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