Festive tram came to the line in Vladivostok on the eve of the New year. Video Maxim Galenica

Festive tram came to the line in Vladivostok on the eve of the New year. Video Maxim Galenica

Traditionally in Vladivostok once again on the line out of Christmas tambay. But this year its design was approached literally with a spark.

The final touches before entering the line. At a celebratory trailer even the yoke of winter shades. And almost as on the matinee-on one-two - three-new year tram turns into a Christmas tree on wheels! From the depot to the only surviving city route he leaves with a mandatory pig on Board!

Pavel Kalinin, head of the tram depot: "we thus congratulate our city, the citizens with the New year! In the process of preparation, the car was fully repaired and painted. And the lights are know-how. I think that the citizens will like it. Taking this opportunity, all citizens with a holiday!»

With the light hand of the depot staff standard car turned into a first class cabin - here and snowflakes with balls hanging from the ceiling, and the Christmas tree in the place of honor. There are two Santa Claus-one controls, the other congratulates.

Vitaly Panenko, tram driver: "I have it from 8 in the morning until two in the morning preparing!»

Vladivostok is the first tram city in the country where the fashion for festive cars on occasion and without was born. And even the "tram tiger" in the city once ran! This good tradition is two decades old.

Passengers of the first flight of the new year tram-holiday cards from the snow Maiden and sweet gifts from Santa Claus.

Maxim Kalenich, reporter: "Ordinary Vladivostok tram turned into a real Christmas tree. It will run through the streets of the city and create a festive mood among the residents and guests of the far Eastern capital at least until the new year according to the Eastern Chinese calendar. And remember that riding this tram is best in the evening hours."

By the way, from the 31st to the first work of urban electric transport will be extended until the end of the first hour of the night.

News source: http://vestiprim.ru/news/ptrnews/71832-prazdnichnyy-tramvay-vyshel-na-liniyu-vo-vladivostoke-v-preddverii-novogo-goda.html

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