Evil clown and Falcon appeared in the "Tropical reef" Oceanarium

Evil clown and Falcon appeared in the

Three species of triggerfish has expanded the exposure of the "Great coral reef". The most distinctive exterior has a triggerfish-clown "Balistoides conspicillum" – among the other inhabitants of the aquarium it stand out bright yellow lips and large white spots on black abdomen. This triggerfish is aggressive, often attacking other fish, even exceeding it in size. It is reported by "Vesti: Primorye" with reference to the press service of the aquarium.

– Triggerfish-the clown triggerfish or king sharp teeth so that they leave visible traces on the walls of an acrylic aquarium, but if you give him a pencil, it easily get something to eat – said the head of the Department of contents of aquatic organisms of the tropical seas Mikhail Streltsov. – Immediately after moving he found himself at the reef, a secluded place, and was hiding there, and the next day went out to explore. The neighbors do not attack when around a lot of fish, clown not so dangerous — it will focus on the protection of a certain area of the aquarium, while other fish have the ability to swim away from the aggressor away.

But big teeth and large size are not always an indication that their owner is dangerous. Zheltokamenka pseudobalistes or Krasnolesye triggerfish "Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus" — the biggest of the newcomers, have a very frightening appearance, they are now about 40 centimeters in length, and will grow to 60 centimetres, but their features are very peaceful. When a couple of pseudobalistes have settled in the "Great coral reef", one of them was surrounded by other fish. And although they did not show any aggression, but only curiosity, such close attention scared him very much, but he did not even try to fight back. Now zheltokamenka pseudobalistes without a break to swim from one side of the aquarium to another, trying to find his place in it.

Shorter triggerfish "Melichthys vidua" is also being developed in the new environment — these active fish curiously exploring the new place of residence. Their character can not be called peaceful, with age they become aggressive and attack both representatives of their species and other neighbors in the aquarium.

A collection of kurierov "Small reef" has added three arachnology trowel "Paracirrhites arcatus". All kudreperov distinguishes a kind of behavior – as many ambush predators, fish occupy any hill, for example, the top of the coral, and from there watching the world around and track down who can be attacked, they often hunt for small crustaceans.

News source: http://vestiprim.ru/news/ptrnews/71723-zloy-kloun-i-sokol-poyavilis-v-tropicheskom-rife-okeanariuma.html

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