Amur tiger cub from the Crimea settled in the seaside zoo "Sadgorod"

Amur tiger cub from the Crimea settled in the seaside zoo

At 16th of June, PrimaMedia. A new pet, a cub of an Amur tiger named Taigan, appeared in the seaside zoo "Sadgorod". The kid came to Vladivostok from the Crimea, reports IA PrimaMedia.

The message about the appearance of a new pet appeared in the official Instagram account of the zoo. "Just recently, from the park" Taigan "(Crimea), the baby of the Amur tiger, a boy, came to us in" Sadgorod "We decided to name it in honor of the park in which he was born and now his name is Taigan. The Kid feels fine, plays, eats , is developing, "the message says.

It is also specified that Taigan will become the future "husband" of tigresses already living in the zoo: Amurka, Ussurki and Alexa.

In addition, in the comments to the message it was noted that about whether it will be possible to be photographed with a new fluffy predator, will be specified later.

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