Safari Park of Primorsky region entered the top 12 zoos in the world

Safari Park of Primorsky region entered the top 12 zoos in the world

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According to “Around the world” Russian popular-scientific magazine, Safari park of Primorsky region entered the list of 12 best zoos in the world.

According to this magazine, top 3 zoos of the world are the following:  The first place is given to the biggest zoo of Canada- Toronto Zoo; the only zoo in Great Britain -  Edinburgh Zoo gets the second place; and the eldest zoo in Washington of USA was named the 3rd best rated zoo in the world.

Safari Park of Primorsky region is being ranked the 6th , according to “Around the world” magazine.

Primorsky region safari park exists from 2007 year. At the end of 2010 its habitat enriched by many rare and beautiful animals. Two tiger cubs, named Amur and Taiga, have settled in the park in 2012 year. Far Eastern leopard found his home on the territory of Primorsky wild animal park in 2016 year.

Safari Park of Primorsky region became widely known in late November of 2015, the reason of it is an unexpected friendship between tiger Amur and goat Timur. Tiger refused to eat the goat that was brought to him for lunch. After that, internet users began to follow the life of two animals with interest.

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