Ulian Murychev is the head of old believers family, who in 2012 settled in the Dersu village. They came in Bolivia following there friends, when they began to explore the Primorye Region in 2009 year. First time they were very difficult to be in the new home, but the government helped them a lot, they build a new big house, keep house by their own rules.

The history of the Murychev and Killeen family life in the Primorye Region began in February 2011. That time they became participants of the program for the resettlement of compatriots. Then 23 person - four families came to Vladivostok. Their ancestors more than 80 years ago emigrated from Russia to Bolivia.

When they came to Vladivostok, they did not expect such big attention to themselves. Old Believers from Bolivia became the first people, who returned to their historic homeland in our time, after long time living in South America.

Ulian Murychev: "In Bolivia it is bad situation with crops. The plants has a lot of diseases, even it is impossible grow vegetables there... First we should learn what to do. We can make mistakes. We should get used to the people, to the habits. ... Our father-in-law came back two years ago and we would like to know how he is living there. And all Russians living abroad wondering how to live here, but it is very expensive for us come here. After it we have learned that there is such a program. "

Alexey Keelin, a participant of the program of assistance to voluntary resettlement of compatriots to Russia: "I have been living there for two years. I am glad that we came. We will be easier for us to live there. "

Like any other family it was not easy for them to get used to the new place of residence. But government helped them to get relocation allowance, make official documents to get Russian citizenship in a simplified order. After arrival they temporarily placed in the garrison under the Ussurisk city. It is 700 kilometers from Vladivostok, in the the Dersu village, Krasnoarmeyskiy district.

A family KiIin was waiting for the new settlers in the Dersu village. They first arrived in 2009 in Primorye Region from Uruguay. Here in Dersu village they settled in empty houses, they immediately provide land for plowing, helped with living creatures.

National Park "Udege Legend" staff helped oldbelievers family with products and transportation.

In December 2011, the First Vice-Premier of Russia Igor Shuvalov gave the keys of new tractor to the of old believers families. Vladimir Putin also came to help them. The Old Believers Primorye did not expect that they will get the help so quickly.

Alexey Kilin: "Three weeks ago Shuvalov respresentatives arrived here. I was not at home, they called to me, I came from Roshchino. They asked me : "What do you need?" We said: "We need tractors and details for it"

Old believers family as members of the of compatriots resettlement state program soon received a Russian passport. This allowed them to start the procedure for registration of farms.

Old believers family has the same problems as all Primorye villagers. This complexity in the design of its economy as a peasant farmer, high-interest loans, state agricultural. It is difficult to obtain and the Russian driver's license - will stand a pretty penny. And increased attention to him the administration, care of those who care livestock, seeds, building materials, too, sometimes turn into irritability, and even just local envy.

Natalia Grishchenko, head of the municipal district Krasnoarmeysky "The big problem is they did not have firewood. The village is located behind the river. Although we help them ".

The old Believers family, who have moved to live in Primorye Region from the tropics of South America is not yet fully used to the local realities, this process goes hard and slow.

The administration of two areas helps Old Believers to find reliable markets for their products.

Natalia Grishchenko, head of the municipal district Krasnoarmeysky: "For today we find the bisnessmen who can help them to solve this problem."

Program to promote the resettlement of compatriots in the Primorsky Territory - one of the most efficiently operating in Primorye. According the results of 2015 about 3760 people moved to the region. Among them is the family of doctors from the Ukraine - Nikolay and Olga Murza. In the village of Preobrazhenie hospital for a long time was no  surgeon and therapist. And now rebuilt operating room will be reopen soon.

Vladimir Goroh, Chief Doctor "Lazovskaya central regional hospital": "We have placed the vacancies on many internet sites. And at least we found one doctor. We gave their family an apartment. "

It has become their home. Olga is therapeutist of the hospital. Their family like everything here: the climate, the sea and the wild, natural beauty is the best environment for their small daughter.

Olga Murza, therapeutist: "If there is will be everything good with the house, citizenship, we will stay here."

In 2016 in Primorye started the development scheme of the special conditions of the resettlement program for university students who came to Vladivostok from other countries and intend to remain living and working in Primorye. Last year, 13 foreign students studying in the Primorye region, took advantage of the conditions of the program of resettlement of compatriots in the Primorsky Territory.

And old believers migrants family from Dersu village advised their friends to move to live in Primorye Region.

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