"Primorye - 80! Our history": Anatoly Yakimenko, conductor of the orchestra of Moscow State University.

We continue to acquaint viewers with the project “Primorye - 80! Our story". These are reports about people who work for the good of their native land, develop and enrich it: teachers, scientists, athletes, cultural figures. Today we will talk about the orchestra of the Nevelsky Maritime State University. He, like Primorye, this fall celebrates the anniversary.

Not quite what we used to hear from the orchestra in a naval form. Pop music on the parade ground with elements of the defile is a unique spectacle. And it requires a lot of rehearsals to achieve coherence sound and movements. Trumpeters and saxophone players play in unison under a formidable drum beat. But the most active member of the orchestra is artistic director and conductor Anatoly Yakimenko. Literally he does not find a place for himself and with all his dedication he leads an even system of musicians.

Anatoly Yakimenko - artistic director, conductor of the pop orchestra of Moscow State University. adm. G. I. Nevelsky: “If we talk about the uniqueness of our orchestra, what is the highlight, this is what we turned into a pop and brass band. Because when we conceived it in this format, we made it pop, concert, which sits and plays stationary. And we realized that the university does not need such an orchestra. But we need a mobile one: we played a concert program, immediately got up and met, for example, the Minister of Transport. "

This year the orchestra celebrates the first serious anniversary - 10 years. Over the years, musicians have long gone beyond the university. They give solo concerts in the philharmonic society, meet sailboats and ships, work on the order of the regional administration. This summer, the maritime orchestra opened the TV festival “Man and the Sea”. What has to do with not the stage, but at the door of the cinema, surrounded by a crowd of spectators.

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