Vladivostok airport waiting hall has become more comfortable

Vladivostok airport waiting hall has become more comfortable

Primorye citizans and guests of the region will be waiting for their flight in comfort. A comfortable waiting area was opened at Vladivostok International Airport.

Its space is thought out to the smallest detail. Therefore, we are sure that passengers will be comfortable here.

The area of the comfort zone for passengers is more than 500 square meters and includes six double rooms, five single rooms and 14 cozy capsules. The rooms have everything you need: a bed, a TV, a fridge, a mirror, a bedside table, a chair and a hanger.

Anastasia Savitskaya, Commercial Director of Vladivostok International Airport: “We are very happy that we have a comfortable waiting area for passengers where they can rest between flights.”

Opening comfort zone for passengers is part of the program for the development of the airline. The main task is constantly increase the level of service for passengers. Investments in the project were made by the Japanese company Visti Stay.

Ase Naritosi, director of Visti Stay: “I would like the mutually beneficial cooperation between our company and Vladivostok airport  increase the number of tourists at times.”

Except of the development of the route network and the opening of new flights at the Vladivostok airport, this year they opened a transfer zone, a hall for officials and delegations, renew the shopping gallery and a consolidated inspection point.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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