GTRK "Vladivostok" celebrates 63rd birthday


Few people know, but the first seaside television was born two years before his birthday! Paradox, but this is so. September 10 ' 53, the founder of the seaside television Viktor Nazarenko folded the combination of three fingers and went, although in Amateur, but immediately in the live from the apartment of his parents on the hill of Tigrova in the apartment of his colleague in the street Arsenyev.

About the experiments of talented engineers learned at the top and decided: television in Primorye to be! Two years of preparatory work and, finally, July 28, 55 at seven o'clock in the evening for the first time in the vast from Tomsk to the shores of the Pacific ocean in Vladivostok aired seaside television.

It was the first time. On April 25 ' 65, the world's first Moscow—Vladivostok teleconference was held, and two days later our TV center on Uborevicha goes to the first international space teleconference Vladivostok—Moscow—Sofia—Prague—Paris—London. And a month later-on the systems of Interference and Eurovision-the first in the history of television broadcasting

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