Larges from the Primorsky Rehabilitation Center are free

Larges from the Primorsky Rehabilitation Center are free

Jack Sparrow and his girlfriend Irina are finally at liberty. Two seals, after the treatment and the care of a rehabilitation center in Tavrichanka matured, grown significantly gained weight. And now they are ready for independent life in the ocean.

- This is my love this season. From the moment she was transferred to the pool, I noticed that she was with me, too. I come from feeding and all seals flee away, and it runs to me with all fins and shouts: "Ah-a-!"

This is about the large Irina. She went to a rehabilitation center with seven kilograms of weight. Her pinniped counterpart, Jack Sparrow, weighed 9, but the state of both aroused fears.

Laura Beloivan, head of the "seal" of the rehabilitation center: "It was a critical period, the week was not clear. We only infusions could do to her on 50 ml instead of 270. Still subcutaneously constantly pricked. We were always with her. "

And now they are cute thick-nosed. Irina weighs 33, and Jack - 43 kilograms. After loading on the boat they are taken to the south of the Amur Bay. On the shores of Pakhtusov Island, these larghas will be free.

In total this year there were eleven of them, nine managed to be saved. Irina and Jack Sparrow completed the seals season 2018th. But in the rehabilitation center in Tavricancha, everything is just beginning. Now the latest agreements on the new project are underway. It is planned to build a modern clinic for seals. Everyone can help. Details can be found on the page of the rehabilitation center in social networks.

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