In Primorye schools use cosmic technologies for fire safety control

In Primorye schools use cosmic technologies for fire safety control

The summer holidays will begin soon. Schools, kindergartens and sports complexes with the different sections for younger generation take attention very much.

Modern sensors allow to react when it will be a primary fire or smoke.

The signal immediately goes to the remote control - to Vladivostok, to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. It takes less than a second.

Fire drills are held regularly.

Nadezhda Yermoshina, director of the secondary school No. 2, in Chuguevka village: "Everything was changed! We have an alarm button, a fire alarm, an exit directly to Vladivostok and Arseniev, which is very important for the safety of children. "

374 schools and 434 kindergartens in Primorye are already equipped with an alarm system. 83% of Primorye schools and 80% of kindergartens are connected to round-the-clock video surveillance.

 This year more than 9 million rubles will be allocated for the replacement and installation of new information security systems.

150 objects are connected to the fire monitoring system in the Chuguevsky District.

In places where a digital signal passes, you can observe all objects.

The farthest point is the school in the Shumny village.

Modern information technologies gradually come even to distant villages of Primorye.

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