Features of preparing first-graders for school

Features of preparing first-graders for school

Gesha Natalia, 74th primary school teacher, vice minister of teaching and education work:

The primary education program for primary school primary schools must now meet the basic criteria of the education law

Most children in Russia go to elementary school before elementary school to learn foreign language, painting, dancing and singing. So that children can better adapt to primary school life faster and better.

The first step: psychological preparation

Grow very proudly

In the psychological, parents want to let the children feel "to be a young student is very proud of things." When chatting with a child, parents should be conscious of chatting with elementary school students and elementary school, tell the children the benefits of school, such as you can know a lot of new friends, learn more knowledge and so on.

Parents should pay special attention to, must not be used in primary schools to exert pressure on children, such as: "You do not obey, let the primary school teacher to control you!" This discourse, will cause the child to fear of school, there should not have psychological pressure The

The second step: physical preparation

Sit for three quarters of an hour

Lele school is necessary to the first grade, in order to adapt to primary school life, my mother before the summer with music next to a section of the first language class. However, my mother found that the first can not understand can not understand, Lele simply can not hold enough to sit for 45 minutes. 20 minutes later, Lele was tired, want to go out or even lie for a while.

Primary school life and kindergarten is very different, whether it is class time, or learning intensity, will be extended and enhanced. Many children on kindergarten, a sick do not have to go. But if the primary school is still sick, it is necessary to delay the homework.

Step 3: Ability to prepare


Primary school first grade teacher the most troublesome thing, than the new school children's attention is not concentrated. Early childhood attention, mainly by the environment of novelty, interesting things to attract. While primary school students in class, the need to consciously control their own, to focus on the teacher.

In response to this change, from the kindergarten classes, teachers and parents should pay attention to cultivate children's self-control ability to improve the level of children's attention. If the child's attention is easy to disperse, sit in the seat, at any time to move around, they will be very difficult to primary school.

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