Modern satellite technologies are used in Primorye ambulances

Modern satellite technologies are used in Primorye ambulances

In Primorye ambulances began to use modern information satellite technologies.

In emergency cases these machines helps save lives of a lot of people.

Especially this system is relevant for northern areas, where the distance to the nearest hospital is very large.

The Chuguevsky district is one of the largest in Primorye.

The area is very stretched, and the service radius is 143 kilometers.

There are some difficulties in servicing for doctors, but they know how to get out of the situation.

They started using telemedicine.

Each machine is equipped with a GLONASS system.

The duty manager can see their location.

If for example somebody from far place calling with information about a heart attack, the nearest ambulance car immediately going to save a person.

Chuguevka doctors start to use telemedicine from last year.

Ambulance paramedic use this apparatus, which has special module, can send a cardiogram right to Vladivostok.

After three minutes the result will be ready.

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