Birthday of the Pacific Fleet - 287 years on guard of the ocean

Birthday of the Pacific Fleet - 287 years on guard of the ocean

The 21st of May is the day of the founding of the Pacific Fleet. He is great not only a glorious history. And to this day it is one of the largest and most technically equipped operational and strategic associations of the Russian Navy.

The Pacific Fleet has no exaggeration the largest area of responsibility. Its ships are fighting in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, in the Okhotsk, Bering, Japan and South China seas, and, if necessary, perform tasks even in the Mediterranean.

And the Pacific Fleet was born in 1731 during the reign of Anna Ioanovna. Then the Senate established the Okhotsk military port, Russia's first permanent naval unit in the Far East, which later was transformed into the Pacific Fleet, which has defended Russia from the east for almost 300 years.

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