Russian Pacific Fleet Ships Detachment visited Busan port of S.Korea

Russian Pacific Fleet Ships Detachment visited Busan port of S.Korea

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Large submarine-hunting ship "Admiral Tributs" and tanker "Boris Butoma" of Russian Navy entered the South Korean Busan port on 13th of January.

Russian ships were met by representatives of Combat Command of Navy of South Korea, headed by Commodore Choi Sung  and an honor guard and band, who performed a number of works written by Russian composers. At the welcoming ceremony, Deputy Commander of Primorsky region flotilla of all-arms forces of Pacific Fleet Rear Admiral Eduard Mikhailov thanked S. Korean side for the warm welcome.

The main purpose of the Russian ships’ visit to Busan is the replenishment of food and water supplies, and team rest. A number of hospitality events, such as a visit of the Russian Consulate General, meeting with the Mayor of Busan city are also scheduled. In addition, Russian sailors will be able to see one of the largest cities of Korea, and will play football with South Korean sailors and see over S.Korean destroyer leader "Gangwon". Local residents will have an opportunity to get on aboard of "Admiral Tributs" for an excursion.

Russian ships will leave Busan on 18th of January and will head off to Japan, where they will take part in the International Maneuvers on Search and Rescue at Sea.

Large submarine-hunting ship "Admiral Tributs" and tanker "Boris Butoma" are part of the Russian Pacific Fleet Armed Forces. Two ships left the port of Vladivostok in October 2016 and since then have carried out different tasks in the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Earlier, they have visited the ports of India and the Philippines. In India, they participated in joint exercises Indra Navy-2016.

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