What you need to know about beach tourism-2018 in the reserved Primorye

What you need to know about beach tourism-2018 in the reserved Primorye

The Primorye Territory is the pearl of the Far East. And they think so not only in our region. It is in Primorye that unique natural resources are collected. Our region can boast not only the unique Ussuri taiga, the rare Red Book cats (the Amur tiger and the Far Eastern leopard), as well as the only marine reserve in Russia. Who protects the fabulous beauty of Peter the Great's Gulf? This was told by the deputy director of the branch for the development of the Far Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve FEB RAS - Anna Gulbina (photo 2).

V.F. - Anna Alekseevna, please tell us what is the marine reserve and what area does it occupy?

A.G. - The reserve has two squares. One is naval, the other is land. The marine part of the reserve is 63,000 hectares. This is approximately 10% of the area of the Peter the Great Bay. Much less area of our islands is 1316 hectares. That is why our reserve is considered the first marine. Because most of the reserve is the sea area.

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