Young circus from Arsenyev are the road of dreams.

Young circus from Arsenyev are the road of dreams.

All-Russian competition "Blue Bird" opens new names, which tomorrow the entire world will know! The Primorye Territory was always rich in talents. This is confirmed by young artists of the original genre from Arsenyev.

The road to the dream of these guys from Arsenyev begins with the children's circus school. It is here that they first climb the acrobatic projectiles, learn to walk on a rope. Mentors - former circus performers, who have experienced ups and downs under the dome, know the right approach to circus performers. A kind word and praise work miracles! For the third year Arsenievites will conquer the Bluebird.

Galina Shumakova, coach-teacher of the Children's Circus School: "When they perform, there is a very strong excitement. It seems to me, it would be better for me to go out and work instead ... "

They say that Liza Bespalova began to perform acrobatic elements earlier than she learned to walk. Such data was noticed early by parents and they led the baby to this friendly circus family. Now the graceful flexible girl is ready to perform on the "Blue Bird" with the air number "Tenderness".

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