The Tatar community in Partizansk celebrated fifth birthday

The Tatar community in Partizansk celebrated fifth birthday

On a visit to the grandmother in Ravzaniya. The Tatar community of Partizansk celebrated fifth birthday. However, representatives of this nationality have been living in the mining area since the geologists discovered here the rich deposits of black gold. And the first settlers from the Volga settled in the hills along the banks of the river Suchan in the 1899th. More than a hundred years have passed. About how the traditions of the Volga land were preserved by the  Tatars maritime - a report by Olga Katrenko.

Waiting for Ravzaniya-apa guests since the morning, baked his crown dish - Tatar lean wood, it has a minimum of sugar. And the chuck-chak. And as without him. A little, said, neighbors did not frighten when the honey boiled.

Ravzaniya-apa Ismagilova, a veteran of war and labor, the elder of the Tatar community of Partizansk: "I do not know how to boil honey. So I chiked the chak, and it's got to be with honey, well, I set the cook, she walked away, and I, you see, have tiles ... Smoke. "

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