Victor Soin: We want to see in our museum what the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet

Victor Soin: We want to see in our museum what the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet

The pilots of the Pacific Fleet embodied an old dream. They created the Naval Aviation Museum of the Pacific Fleet in Vladivostok. For journalist Julia Boyashova, a tour of the museum was conducted by a member of the presidium of the Council of Veterans of Naval Aviation of the Pacific Fleet, retired colonel Viktor Ivanovich Soin. Who are the Navy Pilots of the Pacific Fleet? What are they proud of and by whom? About this and many other things - in an interview.

- Viktor Ivanovich, how did you come up with the idea of creating such a small museum of the Naval Aviation of the Pacific Fleet?

- The idea of veterans has appeared for a long time. Unlike the Northern, Black Sea, Baltic fleets we had small museums. The museums were at the 6th kilometer in the School of Junior Aviation Professionals, in the 25th Marine Rocket Detachment at the Knevichi airfield, in the 289th Port Arthur regiment at the Nikolaevka airfield. But, in connection with the disbandment of a number of parts, some of the exhibits were lost, some were transferred to the Pacific Fleet Museum, municipal museums, and there was actually no such collected material. And we were faced with the fact that arriving officers, lieutenants, schoolchildren, knowing that there is a naval aviation - do not represent what it serves, what it does ...

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