The government expanded the boundaries of the "Mikhailovsky" advanced development district

The government expanded the boundaries of the

Chairman of the Government Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on expanding the area of the "Mikhailovsky" advanced development district.

This decision was made to launch a project of the Vietnamese corporation, who will be engaged in the construction of milk production.

The investment project suppose the construction of livestock complex for the cultivation of milk cows.

Total number is 15 000 cows. Milch cow is 7 200 cows.

It is supposed to process more than 60 thousand tons of milk per year.

The implementation of the investment project will last until 2032 year.

The investor plans to realize the project in two stages.

On the first stage they will built one breeding complex for 5000 cows, in the second stage will open two more breeding complexes for 10 000 cows and a dairy plant.

The project investment sum is about 16 billion rubles.

At the same time Vietnamese businessmen expect to open sales markets in all the Asia-Pacific region and created 500 jobs places.

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