Primorye citizens mourns the victims of the fire in Kemerovo

Primorye citizens mourns the victims of the fire in Kemerovo

In Russia the 28th of March  was declared the day of all-Russian mourning.

Many regions of the country, like Primorye, yesterday lowered the flags and canceled entertainment activities.

In solidarity with Kemerovo people bring flowers, light candles and toys.

The day began with church services in all regions of Primorye.

People come to the churches and chapels in the morning, put candles, bring flowers and toys to the temples.

People with flowers come to thecentral square to the stele of military glory.

There are many of foreigners.

Residents of Vladivostok:

- This is our trouble. So many children died. I have three grandchildren. I could not imagine that this could happen.

This is terrible even to think about it. The children were burnt in a cell. They could not get out.

According to the latest information, 64 people died in a fire in Kemerovo, among 41 are children.

In the evening at 19.00 on the central square of Vladivostok hold the action of memory.

People lit the candles and launched balls into the sky.

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