Short track is becoming more popular in Primorye

Short track is becoming more popular in Primorye

A young sport for Primorye — short track-is becoming more and more popular. In Vladivostok, the city championship in this discipline was held on the site of Fetisov Arena. What wins short-track young hearts?

Blades almost half a meter, helmet and glove on your left hand. All - for speed and steep turns. It is not easy to glide literally into the ground, Daria Romanovskaya says, but the ice track is her way, along which it "flies" faster and easier.

Daria Romanovskaya, participant of the competition: "I Came because I looked at the Olympics, how beautiful it is. When I arrived, I had a very curvy for her age, and not even a year ago, I lost a lot of weight".

In the short track Margarita Kubareva makes only the first steps. Successfully. In their first five contests had left behind not one kid. How to run the winners know.

Margarita Kubareva, participant of the competition: "good. Intelligently. Boldly and faster."

Short-track is like chess on ice. We need to speedily overtake the opponent, hold their positions. Without risk can not do, but the main thing here is not to keep track, to stay on his feet.

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