Players of " Luch "will be able to" sell " to China

Players of

"Luch" talked with the head of the region and the new main sponsor of the team. Some details of the round table football-in the report further.

"Ask slowly, I write down": this meeting gives journalists pearl. Home from the first minute gives Andrei Tarasenko.

Andrey Tarasenko, acting Governor of Primorsky Krai: "I would like to Ask, are we going to be" Luch-Energiya "or just"Luch"?»

The survey to be, and maybe two — more about a new own stadium 20-thousand is leased Dynamo. Will build, a place not yet selected. But it is unlikely in the Sports Harbour. The next "lionfish" — from the old new head coach.

Alexander Grigoryan, head coach of FC "Luch": "in Khabarovsk I worked twice and for the second time in Vladivostok. Already therefore it is clear that half of the fans thinks I am a traitor here and there. But we always have some reasons, as they say,"bureaucracy from the Germans, and laziness and slavery — from the Tatars, but it is interesting to look at where the wine fume."

Grigoryan admits that he was not invited to other clubs. In Vladivostok himself came. However, it is known that the new General sponsor has made such a proposal. And gave "tigers" the opportunity to spend the winter training camp.

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