Electronic "dog's nose" against quadrupeds: who prefer frontier guards.


The electronic system "Dog's nose" was tested by coastal border guards. And they came to the conclusion that while the air and sea gates of the free port of Vladivostok are better protected by real noses. Therefore, they are experimenting exclusively with the dog breed today. Who works better, East European Shepherd or Labrador?
The head of the cynological group of the branch "Vladivostok-Fish Port" Yuri Golubykh for the colleague Vilena prepares a training bookmark. The scent of a seaside labrador must recognize a complex mixture of seafood. Frost and strong wind dog do not confuse. While for her work - that game.
Yuri Golubykh, the head of the cynological group of Vladivostok-Fish Port: "Last year there was a baptism of fire - it was discovered: the bile of a bear (this is one of the derivatives), which is used in Chinese medicine - a common type of contraband."
There is no visible line of the state border here. That's the complexity. Since Vladivostok has regained the status of a free port, volumes are growing daily: it is the movement of transport and people, and the use of new ways to conceal smuggling - derivatives, seafood, the popular jade in China and Korea.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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