"Primorye Education: Points of Growth"

Today Galina Viktorovna Kiseleva is our guest - Honored Teacher of Russia, Head of the Vladivostok Military-Patriotic Club.
- During its history the military-patriotic club brought up more than a thousand defenders of the fatherland, what is the secret?
"At all times, the army and the navy helped us, and the children, especially when they are treated kindly, are helpful.
- You had a very interesting life, you went somewhere, to different cities. Tell me about this.
- Yes, we drove through all the cities - heroes, were in Kamchatka, on Sakhalin. We even visited Krasnodon. Then it was easier, the administration allocated money to us, the enterprises also helped, but on the 70th anniversary of the victory our guys went to Brest. But already for the parental money.
- This year alone in Vladivostok, more than 100 different patriotic activities were planned. Tell us about your pupils' participation in interesting events this year.
- Now we are in the sea league, we saw two flotillas - Vostok and Varyag. We try to participate in all events.

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