The reconstruction of the Shakhtar Stadium in Partizansk is being completed

The reconstruction of the Shakhtar Stadium in Partizansk is being completed

Playing football with European clubs will now be able to team from the Primorsky Partizansk. Here, with the regional support, the upgraded Shakhtar Stadium is put into operation. So that geologists finally allowed the builders to repair the sports bowl, it was necessary to unearth the abandoned mine exactly under it.
"Shakhtar" became a little wider and a little "crouched". Football field in the 50 years built over the mine. But the time and the shifts of the mountains almost finished off the old stadium.
Alexander Zrazhevsky, the head of the administration of Partizanski GO: "The field itself is not glued, here the ground is ground, compacted. Sand-gravel mixture there, gravel, gravel ... "
Economic distribution - 24 million rubles from the edge and six million - from the municipal purse. The contractor here is a company from Nakhodka. Money in any case remains in the province. After all, the material is local. For example, crushed quartz is taken from the quarries of Mikhailovka.

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